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Eric and Sydney's home is filled with awesome art, items that show their eclectic taste and of course, the excitement for their wedding day. The roses added a touch of romance and I knew it was going to be a memorable session.  

Even though I'm sure it's not every day that someone tries to get you to be all lovey dovey in your home, Eric and Sydney quickly found their comfort zone and simply enjoyed each other which just comes so naturally to this awesome couple.

They share the love of the outdoors, being active and a good cup of coffee.  But most importantly for each other.  And they are so funny.  Their senses of humor are on either side of the comedic spectrum and I can't really tell you which on one is funnier, but they both made me LOL at some point during the session.  And the fact that they each said the other makes them laugh every day is great groundwork for a fun future.   




It's no suprise that Eric fell in love with Sydney and she with him.  He made the decision to pop the question at sunrise while hiking in Great Falls, VA.  So they got up nice and early the morning of July 1st, only to find the washing machine leaking through the ceiling.  Sydney tried to figure out why he was agitated since he's the one who stays pretty calm. He was finally able to stop the leak and they set out on their trip.  They found a private area perfect for viewing the falls and before she knew it, he was on one knee.  The stress of the morning was immediately replaced by joy and celebration as she said, "Yes!".  To make the day even more special, Eric proposed with the exact ring Sidney saw on a trip to New York and loved from the moment she laid eyes on it.  The Morganite stone is rare and symolizes compassion and promise which is a perfect description of this relationship.


Now I simply can't forget the star of this show.  Rookie, the lap dog, is a very jealous boy.  While leaning against my leg during the session, it was super apparent that Sydney is his first love and Eric smooching on her is not his favorite thing.  But treats and belly rubs go a long way.  Eric, knows he has to share Sydney, but I think Rookie is starting to accept the fact that he can't have all the love.  


Hmmm, I might be wrong about that.  


Best wishes, Eric and Sydney!  And thank you for welcoming me into your home to capture these awesome moments!

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